A digital marketing campaign or website without a digital strategy is like a boat without a rudder. Drawing on an academic background in qualitative and quantitative research and real-world digital marketing expertise, I can help you better understand your audience, their needs and how to create digital experiences that truly engage. 

Digital Strategy Services I Provide


In-Depth Qualitative Research

Qualitative research provides you access to insights that simply aren't available through any other method of research - it's invaluable. Drawing on 1st Class Honours in Sociology and Psychology and practical experience conducting in-depth interviews, focus groups and ethnographic research I can help you develop a comprehensive, detailed understanding of your target audience that's backed by academic rigour and clear insight.

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Quantitative Data Analysis

Making sense of data is about much more than simply pulling numbers and drawing correlations. Effective qualitative data analysis requires critical thinking and a deep understanding of the issue at hand.

I have training in quantitative data analysis tools, from SPSS to industry-standard digital marketing research tools such as BrandWatch, Google Analytics, Omniture, Sitecore Analytics and TalkWalker. 


Brand Proposition Development

Does your brand truly stand out from the crowd? Utilising competitor analysis, industry insights, first party data and hands-on research I can help you unearth key insights that will enable you to create differentiation in your market place.

My approach is informed by years of experience working as part of integrated strategy and insights teams at some of the UK's largest digital agencies.

Do You Need Help Developing Your Digital Strategy?

If you'd like to find out more about how I can help you develop your next campaign, website or overall brand proposition then drop me a line.