Google Analytics Consultant

The sad fact is, most companies (even large ones) make important marketing and website decisions based on poor quality data and ill-informed data analysis. With an experienced Google Analytics analyst on your side, you can make data-led decisions to drive genuine growth.

google analytics consulting

I've audited and configured dozens of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts for a host of companies and charities, large and small. I know how to bring your analytics data up to scratch, and ensure you have access to the reports and insights you need to grow your business. As a freelance Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager expert, I provide a full range of web analytics consulting services, from auditing and customised insights to Google Tag Manager setup and configuration.


Google Analytics audit

Using a detailed and rigorous framework, I will conduct a full Google Analytics audit to identify any potential issues with your configuration and data quality. This will include a review of the Google Analytics tracking code implementation, Account, Property and View configuration and Goal and Event tracking.


Advanced Analytics Reporting

Following an audit of your website and Google Analytics configuration, I will provide you with a detailed set of recommendations to enable you to get the most out of your data and be confident in its quality. I'll also make recommendations bespoke to your business around specific tracking and reporting to help you better understand and use your data to drive growth.


Custom Analytics Tracking

I will make the necessary changes to your Google Analytics configuration to bring your account up to speed. This process includes custom Goal and Event tracking (using Google Tag Manager where required), and also custom Google Data Studio dashboard setup and walk-through to enable you to get the most from your data.

data analytics consulting for small business

As a small to medium sized business, it can be difficult to know where to invest marketing spend. An experienced data analytics consultant for small business can help you make sense of your data, be it sales trends, forecasts or marketing ROI. I help businesses of all shapes and sizes gain clear insights into the meaning behind the numbers to drive new opportunities and growth.

Create a Measurement Plan

To really get the most out of Google Analytics, you need a measurement plan. Without one, your business can struggle to take meaningful insights from its data. I work with you to establish a clear set of business objectives to craft a measurement framework that provides the insights your business needs and enables you to act on your data.

Access Insights You Need to Grow

All the data in the world is meaningless unless you know how to interpret it. Having delivered bespoke analytics reports and insights for dozens of companies large and small, I know how to interpret your data and create reports and presentations that communicate your most important insights with clarity.

Visualise Key Data

Are you struggling to make sense of large, disparate sets of marketing data? I am experienced in using Google Data Studio to collate a range of data sources, from CRM to Social, into a single, easy to read dashboard. Check out this post to discover how Data Studio can help you.


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