Google Analytics training Course

Whether you're a business owner or seasoned marketer, knowing how to use Google Analytics is the key to better digital marketing insights. This Google Analytics training course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to make smarter, more informed choices about your marketing and website.

what you’ll learn

Configure and refine your Google Analytics account to ensure all your key website objectives are being tracked to help you get the most out of your marketing data. You will also:

  • Discover how to access and interpret key reports, metrics and dimensions in Google Analytics

  • Learn when and how to create Goals to track key website interactions and conversions

  • Understand how to attach ROI to your marketing efforts, and measure this using Goal Value

  • Learn how to analyse what users are doing on your website and identify potential issues with your User Experience

  • Gain a clear idea of the value of Segments in data analytics; when to use them and how to create them

  • Understand how to check if your data is clean, reliable and bug-free and what to do to ensure it is

Google Analytics training for small to medium sized businesses and charities

who this course is for

This course is designed for anyone who uses Google Analytics regularly, but is unsure how to get the most out of it. This could be a marketing executive, a communications manager or someone with responsibility for overseeing website content and performance. This course is also likely to be of interest to anyone looking to take a more data driven approach to their digital marketing.

What do I need to take part?

Participants require access to a Google Analytics account with Edit access to allow for live demonstration of implementing Goals, Filters and other Account changes. The course is best delivered in groups of up to 6 participants in a meeting room or classroom like setting. Small class sizes are an excellent way of ensuring that everyone is able can contribute and ask questions. This course is normally delivered in one day but can be condensed into half a day. Angus is based in Glasgow, Scotland but will travel to deliver a training session in house wherever your company is located.

google analytics Course contents

  • General Introduction to Google Analytics

  • How to create a Measurement Plan

  • Learn more about your users with Audience reports

  • Custom Segments and their importance

  • How to create Goals and Events

  • Integrating with Google Ads & Google Search Console

  • Acquisition report: how to make sense of marketing data

  • Behaviour report: understanding website interaction

  • Attribution: insights & opportunities

  • Introduction to Google Data Studio & data visualisation

  • Google Analytics & GDPR compliance

Angus Carbarns - Google Analytics Training Expert

About the trainer

Angus Carbarns is a certified Google Analytics specialist and consultant who has almost ten years’ experience working in digital marketing, analytics and digital strategy. He has worked at some of the largest digital marketing and web design agencies in the UK, providing bespoke analytics solutions, training and digital strategy to a number of household names. He is a digital analytics and strategy consultant who helps brands and business owners understand how to get the most from their data. He’s passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise to help charities, startups and businesses thrive with digital analytics.

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