Google Analytics Training Courses

Whether you're a business owner or seasoned marketer, knowing how to use Google Analytics opens the door to better marketing insights. 

I provide bespoke Google Analytics training for businesses and marketers looking to better understand (and improve) website and marketing performance. Every business is unique, which is why I take the time to talk to you about your marketing needs before constructing a Google Analytics training course that is completely bespoke to your organisation. Typically in a training session, I would cover the following core areas:


Google Analytics overview

  • An overview of how Google Analytics works and its key features

  • The importance of account structure

  • How to link AdWords, Google Search Console and other data sources to Google Analytics

  • The importance of filtering and data cleanliness


Measurement & Reporting

  • An overview of key reports and how to intepret them

  • How to set up Goals and Events in Google Analytics

  • How to analyse performance of specific marketing channels and devices

  • How to conduct advanced analysis using Segments and Custom Reports


Using data to make better decisions

  • Tips on how to intepret specific reports and datasets

  • De-mystifying common jargon and how to interpret metrics more effectively

  • How to visualise analytics data with Google Data Studio

  • How to gain buy-in using data more effectively

Google Analytics training for beginners

Google Analytics can be overwhelming for newcomers. I've created training materials specifically designed to help those new to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager understand how to get to grips with the basics of each platform. This training session can be delivered in groups of up to 8. Typically in a session, we would cover the following core areas:


Beginners Course Content

- Getting to grips with the interface

- The pillars of effective analytics

- How to interpret key reports

- How to create Goals & Events

- How to create and use Segments

- How to create custom dashboards and reports

A tailored approach to Google Analytics training

Training is best delivered in person to small groups of up to eight participants. I can travel to your office, or training can be tailored to be delivered online via Skype. If you would like to find out more about my tailored Google Analytics training solutions, click the button below to get in touch.